Mom can eat absolutely whatever she wants, her smile is brighter than ever, and she is delighted by the freedom her implant supported denture gives her...

“Just over three years ago my Mom came from Saskatchewan to inquire about dentures on implants. I had researched Robert MacLeay well as Mom was ninety at the time, and I wasn’t keen on any procedure that was going to be too invasive. Frail and losing weight after Dad’s passing, I worried the surgery might be too much for her. My sisters argued that the weight loss was from her poorly fitting dentures and Mom, herself, was full speed ahead. I asked Robert if he would recommend the implants if his mother were ninety years old. He said absolutely. I trusted him and Mom met with Dr. Chatelain and got her dental implants. It has been a fantastic decision. Mom can eat absolutely whatever she wants, her smile is brighter than ever, and she is delighted by the freedom her implant supported denture gives her. Robert and his staff are first class…kind and accommodating and thoughtful and warm and respectful. It has been a good experience for Mom in every respect. I’m not a testimonial kind of person, but I would absolutely and unhesitatingly recommend Robert and his outstanding team.”

Karen E.

A life changing experience...

“I can truly say, this is the best thing I have ever done. I have always had problems with my gums and endured brutal periodontal cleanings over the years. I was terrified of dentists. I am a smart, professional, single mother who was ashamed of her teeth. It took me a couple of years to even get up the courage to go for a consultation. The day I walked into Ottawa Denture & Implant Centre four years ago, my life changed. It really did. I was unaware how withdrawn I had become. 

Robert and his entire team were patient, compassionate and kind and explained the entire process to me. They even helped arrange denture financing! After some tears, I built up the courage to go ahead with the denture implants procedure and have not looked back. I am confident and strong and not only are my family and friends proud of me, more importantly, I am proud of me! To this day, when I return for checkups, everyone knows my name and there is absolutely no anxiety! The procedure was wonderful but just as important to me, is the care that I received and continue to receive. It was good for my soul as well as my teeth! Thank you guys!”

Lee P.

The free, no obligations, no pressure consultation was the best hour and a half that I ever invested in myself...

“For 30 years I lived with uncomfortable, poor fitting dentures that resulted in sore gums, restricted diet and an unnatural speech impediment because my lower denture just sat loose in my mouth held down by gravity. I spent endless hours filing and reshaping my dentures using battery powered manicure sets and nail files to alleviate the pain. In 2003, after undergoing brain surgery I was left with partial permanent facial paralysis that resulted in a further deterioration of my speech and ability to chew properly. 

In 2009 I saw an advertisement for denture implants from Ottawa Denture & Implant Center and despite my fear and loathing of having denture impressions done, I went for a free, no obligations, no pressure consultation; it was the best hour and a half that I ever invested in myself. Over the next seven months I went through the denture implant process which was 99% pain-free and while I was disappointed that I didn’t lose a lot of weight during the one month that I was on a soft diet, the time went by fast.

In June 2010, for the first time in more than thirty years, I could actually bite into a crunchy apple which I did almost immediately despite the fact that I hadn’t had an urge to eat an apple in years; it was an amazing feeling! I actually got up one morning recently and not paying attention, I started brushing my teeth like someone with real teeth; even I forgot that it was a denture! Robert MacLeay had told me at the free consultation that he believed that no one should have to suffer because they wear dentures and after more than 2½ years with the denture implant, I believe him as I have been pain and discomfort free ever since the procedure was done.

I feel like a different person; I can eat whatever I want, speak without fear of losing my teeth and almost immediately after the dental surgery my lower jaw looked normal; it was no longer caving in like an old man. The time and money that I spent on the denture implants were the best investments that I ever made and it was worth every cent! 

I would sincerely like to thank Robert, Shelley and Joann and the rest of his team including Dr. Eric Chatelain and his team for having changed my life; after all these years I finally feel normal again.”

Nick D.
Bells Corners

The quality of my life has improved dramatically...

“Approximately five years ago, I had lower jaw dental implant surgery at Ottawa Denture & Implant Centre in Ottawa. In addition to other procedures, five implants were inserted in my lower jaw. The entire process from beginning to end exceeded my expectations. This, in large part, due to the competent, professional and caring staff of the Clinic.

Beforehand, I received detailed explanations concerning the surgery, which helped me to overcome the fear of the operation. On the day of the surgery, I received the best medical treatment I have ever received, and the surgery was a complete success. I felt no pain during the surgery and the pain afterward was minimal. Since I have had the implants, the quality of my life has improved dramatically. For instance, I can now bite into an apple, a raw carrot and a hard crust of bread. However, the best thing that happened to me is that I feel and look at least ten years younger...this is the best face lift you can ever get. I wish I had done this much earlier.

Follow-up appointments at the clinic have been excellent.In summary, I highly recommend the dental implant surgery as performed by Ottawa Denture & Implant Centre.”


The whole process exceeded my expectations...

“It has been 4 years since I had 5 dental implants done in my lower jaw. These implants are the best investment so far in my life. From the frank discussion on the pros and cons of implants with Mr. MacLeay to the day of surgery, the whole process exceeded my expectations. From a soft diet, then on to ordinary food, weeks passed by and today, I must say that dentures cannot even be in the same conversation as implants. I can eat a good steak, munch on almonds, smile, laugh, bite an apple and (seriously) I can sneeze without the fear of expelling my dentures across the room! Knowing then what I know now, I would have had denture implants done much earlier in my life. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My quality of life has changed for the best and I would recommend denture implants to anyone that wants to enjoy good food, a good laugh, good health and a pretty smile.

Thank you, Mr. MacLeay, for your recommendation, and thanks to your staff for their care.”

Dennis R.

I've never been happier...

“I’ve had dentures since I was a teenager. Ten years ago I had my lower teeth extracted and required a lower denture. I was very unhappy wearing a full upper and a full lower denture. A family member suggested I have a consultation with Robert MacLeay, as she had implant treatment through their clinic and she was extremely happy. 

I went to my consult and everything was explained to me thoroughly. I decided to “Go For It” and I now have 5 implants on my bottom gums and a new upper and lower denture. I’ve never been so happy! 100% I would recommend this to anyone who has to wear dentures.”

Margaret S.

So comfortable I can almost forget these teeth are not my natural teeth...

“My name is Emily Brown. I have a fixed dental lower implant placed in 2011. It is so comfortable that I can almost forget these teeth are not my natural teeth. I have had an upper denture for about 50 years. We were not offered dental care by our parents and I now see that as neglect. However, they did what they could with the resources they had. Our children, as do their children, all have their own natural teeth; lovely, straight teeth. Robert, I was so pleased with my results I talked my husband into having his teeth done and needless to say, he is happy with his results, as I am with mine! All I can say is thank you, my friend. Your staff is exceptional, as are you!”

Emily B.


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