Immediate Dentures

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures


An immediate denture is made before your teeth are removed. Your denturist makes impressions of your mouth during your first visit, while your natural teeth are still present. A denture is then fabricated in the likeness of your natural teeth, with any modifications you may wish.

A complete or partial denture is then inserted immediately following the removal of your natural teeth.


With this technique, you never have to be without teeth. Your gum tissues take six to eight weeks to heal. Immediate dentures are not for everyone. Some people may be advised against this treatment due to general health conditions or because of specific oral problems. 

The extraction of teeth can be performed (in office) with our dentist, or at a dental office of your choice.

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Advantages of an Immediate Denture

  • You never have to go out in public without teeth
  • It is easier to duplicate the size, shape, and arrangement when your natural teeth are present
  • An immediate denture helps reduce bleeding and protects the tissues
  • Ability to chew your food more efficiently
  • Minimize facial distortion or collapse that may occur when teeth are removed

Disadvantages of an Immediate Denture

  • Initially, immediate dentures do not always fit as well as conventional dentures, which are created after the tissues have healed
  • An immediate denture is initially more expensive due to additional time required for construction
  • More follow-up visits are needed for adjustments and re-fitting
  • It takes approximately three to six months for the extraction sites to heal, after which the denture can be refitted or relined
  • Once the tissues have healed, an immediate denture must be finalized by a permanent reline, or if the immediate dentures were designed to be temporary, they must be replaced with the permanent denture

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