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If you have booked a consultation appointment in our office you should expect that we will provide a 30 to 60 minute visit with our denturist. There is no charge for this consultation. We will asses and discuss your present dental situation, making referrals as needed, back to your own dentist, to a specialist, or to a dentist within our office. We offer a full range of dental treatments on site, including implant placement, general dentistry, dental hygiene, and all types of dentures for the replacement of some or all of your lost teeth.

Perhaps you are wearing dentures that are in need of replacement. They may have broken and you wish to inquire about the possibility of repair, or simply uncomfortable and poorly tolerated . Perhaps you are in the process of losing some or all of your teeth and are interested in investigating all of the options that modern dental facility has to offer.

We can address all of these questions and typically repair dentures onsite, within 1 or 2 hours. We have fabricated more than 10,000 dentures onsite, and restored dentures on implants since 1988.

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A removable partial denture is usually made to replace one or more teeth.

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Monthly payments available for implant treatment.

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